There are many different ways to engage your community with your organization. Try different tactics to draw people in, because once you do, they will be glad to learn about what you’re doing!

  • Table at popular community events. Make your display vibrant, inviting, educational and interactive. Providing giveaways such as seed will increase the likelihood of people stopping by. Make sure to bring a spreadsheet for volunteers to sign up as well as brochures about your programs so that volunteers can take some literature home.
  • Connect with the local media. Learn how to write a press release and send it to every newspaper, magazine, and newsletter that may be interested in your programs. For certain publications, you can write the article and submit it for consideration in their next edition.
  • Many community groups have weekly or monthly meetings and there is often time reserved for a guest speaker. Ask them if they would like the food bank to present at a future meeting. Be sure to tailor each presentation to their group. Make it visual (lots of pictures) and engaging by encouraging conversations and questions. If PowerPoint does not work for you, try creating a Prezi to jazz up your presentation.
  • Post information about volunteer opportunities, programs, and events online (blogs, volunteer websites, your organization’s website, social media sites, etc).

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