Blue Mountain Action Council


Volunteer Outreach

Communication, training and appreciation

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Directory: people, places and organizations to contact

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Donor Relations

BMAC's strong reputation elevates relationships

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BMAC houses Walla Walla Community Harvest

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Produce Recovery

Utilizing Farmers' Markets

How volunteers used advertisement to encourage farmers to donate produce at farmers' markets

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A Garden Produces!

Don’t underestimate what a backyard garden or community garden plot can grow! Encourage residential or community gardens to participate in the gleaning program by donating excess produce or a plot.

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Community Food Forums

Teaching low-income community members to preserve seasonally abundant produce

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Celebrating Food with Fun & Education

Cooking classes and kids planting activities can be a fun way to educate and engage the community with fresh produce that is collected.

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Walla Walla Pre-Picked Donations

Culls and harvested donations can contribute significant to the about of produce an emergency food provider receives. This form of donation also creates alternative opportunities for volunteerism.

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Location-Specific Donation Boxes

Take advantage of your community! WWCH partnered with two religious institutions to establish fresh produce donation bins at each location.

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Walla Walla Gleaning Model

What to ask growers, how to organize volunteers, how to move produce, how to best record volunteerism & food transactions, and everything in between!

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Current Projects:

Distribution of seeds and plant starts for Plant-A-Row for the Hungry.

A food bank garden plot in a community garden.

Gleaning from orchards, farms, gardens, cull bins and the Farmer’s Market.

Nutrition Education with recipe cards and cooking classes.