Second Harvest Inland Northwest


Volunteer Relations

Volunteers are critical to project function. Respect volunteers and understand strength, weaknesses and motivations

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Marketing, while sometimes overlooked, is essential to the health of the project.

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Donor Relations

Second Harvest’s Food Sourcing/Development Team follows a creative, soft approach (friendly; not overbearing) to donor recruitment

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Second Harvest distributes more than 2 million pounds of food each month with more than 250 neighborhood food banks and meal centers. They feed about 50,000 people each week!

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Produce Recovery

Starting (PAR)! Plant a Row for the Hungry

Jeff Lowenfels, a garden writer for the Anchorage Daily News and former Garden Writers Association president, spearheaded Plant a Row for the Hungry. Learn more!

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Home Fruit Harvest

Learn about Second Harvest's Fruit Tree Registry geared towards salvaging fruit from residential and orchard trees

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Gardening Workshops for Backyard Growers

Spokane helping gardeners become more efficient using the resources, knowledge and their partnership with WSU Extension

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Starting a Seed Library

Why start a seed library in your community? Click to learn about all the potential opportunities!

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Basic Gleaning Program Logistics

The 211 on coordinating a gleaning event! What everyone should know

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Second Harvest's mission is: “Fighting hunger, feeding hope: Second Harvest brings community resources together to feed people in need through empowerment, education and partnerships.”