When you first start your program, you will want to reach out to the media to raise awareness about your program.  If you are in a larger organization like Hopelink, work with the communication team to harness their expertise and already established relationships with media outlets in the community. Recruit volunteers with specific skills in graphic design, technical writing and communication to assist with development of flyers, banners, and other marketing materials.  In large organizations and small, the most important thing you can do is develop consistent messaging and branding for use – both in verbal and written communication. This enables other individuals and groups to consistently and accurately describe the program, its goals, and activities. 


Social networking is a great way to generate support for your program, keep volunteers and stakeholders in the loop about program activities, and recognize the contributions of volunteers, farmers, and other community partners. 

Using Facebook Effectively:

  • Post pictures immediately following events while the excitement is still fresh
  • Provide links to farms or organizations with Facebook pages to tap into personal connections that others have with the location. Use @ in front of the name to link the organization/farm Facebook page.
  • Thank the farmers and volunteers



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