Community Farm Connection


Volunteer Relations

Being a new program, Community Harvest approached volunteer recruitment in several different ways including giving presentations, using Facebook, using existing community networks through host site, and tabling at events and farmers markets.

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Making a Visible Mission

The goal for the first year of Community Harvest was to make the organization and mission as visible to the community as possible. This included an array of outreach events, presentations and actively making connections within the community with groups who were not necessarily previously engaged in food or hunger relief.

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Creating & Maintaining Donor Relations

Creating sustainable, productive donor relations is imperative to any gleaning project. Community Harvest has a strong starting point because the program is housed by an organization which works directly with local farmers. By having an established purchasing relationship with growers, Community Harvest was easily able to approach several growers. In turn the growers could respond with confidence.

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History of Community Farm Connection

Learn about the scope, outreach and development of Community Farm Connection in the Wenatchee, Chelan/Douglas and Grant Counties

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Lay of the Land

The Wenatchee site posed unique issues in that the Harvest VISTA was hosted by a non-hunger relief agency. However, the following procedures are useful for any first year gleaning project.

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Produce Recovery

Market Recovery Case Study

Farmers market produce gathering is a relatively easy way to glean excess produce while also working to engage the broader community in conversations about hunger in the area. In addition to asking farmers for excess produce, this project encourages market-goers to buy extra produce to donate directly to food banks.

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Row Crop Advantage

Community Harvest gleaned about half of their total produce in 2012 from row crops. The most important aspects of gleaning row crops are field considerations: how much and what types of produce, and caring for produce post-harvest.

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Community Farm Connection (CFC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to supporting small farmers and improving consumer access to locally grown food.  CFC supports sustainable agriculture, small diversified farms and local communities by bringing farmers new opportunities to get their bounty to the consumer.