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Volunteer Outreach, Recruitment & Retention

Lettuce Link’s strategies to volunteer outreach, recruitment and retention.

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How Lettuce Link Approaches Donor Relations

Lettuce Link breaks down donor relations into five categories: outreach, screening, communication, harvesting and recognition/follow-up.

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History of Lettuce Link

Lettuce Link is one of over 30 programs of Solid Ground, a large social service agency that serves Seattle and King County. In keeping with Solid Ground’ mission of “building community to end poverty,” Lettuce Link seeks to create equal access to nourishing, healthy, culturally appropriate food by providing organic produce, seeds, starts, and gardening information to those living on low-incomes.

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Produce Recovery

Growing Food, Growing Community

Over the past few years Lettuce Link has grown high-quality plant starts for P-Patch food bank gardeners. In 2011, approximately 5,000 starts to P-Patch food bank gardens, community gardens, and low-income gardeners.

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Community Fruit Tree Harvest

Lettuce Link's Community Fruit Tree Harvest (CFTH) is a residential gleaning program for fruit trees in Seattle. Since the program began in 2005, CFTH volunteers have harvested over 50,000 of organic fruit for local food banks, shelters, and meal programs.

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P-Patch Growing & Giving

P-Patches are community gardens located throughout Seattle, and are run by the city’s Department of Neighborhoods. Most are divided into individual plots, with common herb or flower gardens, tool sheds, and gathering spaces.

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Lettuce Link, a program Solid Ground program, is an innovative food and gardening program that works with a large volunteer network create a community where people have access to healthy and culturally appropriate food.