Northwest Harvest


Volunteer Recruitment and Outreach Strategies

Surrounded by some of the highest vegetable production per capita in the nation, volunteers are invaluable.

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Community Engagement: Ag Shows & Social Media

Visibility is important to ensure that community members know about the program and are interested in participating.

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Local High School Pick-A-Thon

Northwest Harvest Yakima has partnered with a local high school for the last 5 years to host a mutually-beneficial event.

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Donor Relations in Land of Plenty

Donors are critical for gleaning. Handling grower concerns, keeping the producer happy, and managing the gleaning event well are very important to hosting a successful an event and any future gleans.

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History: Yakima Valley Produce Harvest

The Yakima Valley Produce Harvest has connected the agricultural assets of the Yakima Valley with the hunger-relief and distribution capacity of Northwest Harvest since 2009.

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Produce Recovery

Farmers Market Donations

Learn about Northwest Harvest's booth at the Yakima Farmers' Market!

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Saving Vegetable Starts from Plant Sales

Yakima gleaned seedlings from plant sales, saving these left-over vegetable and fruit plants from the trash. In 2011, our program gleaned over 7,200 plants and in 2012, the number increased to over 10,700 plants!

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Empowering Self-Sufficiency

The utility of seed distribution in hunger relief - a full-circle, sustainable system.

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Success with U-Pick Orchards in Yakima Valley

The Yakima Valley Produce Harvest has had success with u-pick orchards; we have used these sites to diversify both the type of growers we work with and the type of produce we harvest.

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Culls for Community

This progressive program finds new ways to recovering unmarketable produce through systems of trucking and distribution...

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Tips on Orchard Gleaning

Some tips on logistics for what you'll need before and during the glean. Happy gleaning!

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The Yakima gleaning program focuses on orchard and row crop gleaning as well backyard garden gleaning, community garden gleaning, and Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR). Check out our Yakima Valley Facebook Page!