Celebrating Food with Fun & Education


Cooking Classes

Get in touch with the local university extension office or county offices to check on availability of any cooking classes offered. The Walla Walla County Health Department offers samples of freshly cooked meals at several food banks using affordable and easy recipes. Coordinate with the class instructors to include any gleaned produce that will be handed out that day to be in the recipes.  Contact local shelters or other non-profits about hosting a cooking class with gleaned produce. This year, the YWCA had an apricot jam class, and classes about cooking with corn and apples.

Kids Planting Activity

During large community events, school functions or festivals, ask organizers for a booth to host a kids planting activity. Use small peat or plastic pots, potting soil and larger seeds (bean or melon) to have kids plant their own vegetable seed to take home to grow! Include a small handout with growing instructions and tips on gardening on a budget or in small spaces. Consider providing some samples of the vegetable or fruit they are growing so they can try one and get excited about what they will be growing and eating!




Current Projects:

Distribution of seeds and plant starts for Plant-A-Row for the Hungry.

A food bank garden plot in a community garden.

Gleaning from orchards, farms, gardens, cull bins and the Farmer’s Market.

Nutrition Education with recipe cards and cooking classes.


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