City Fruit Donor Relations

City Fruit’s Community Outreach VISTA is different than most other Harvest Against Hunger VISTA members because there is no direct relationship with the people who own the fruit trees, save for occasionally interacting with them at residential volunteer harvests. City Fruit’s Harvest Coordinator is responsible for maintaining relationships with residential tree owners by reaching out to them earlier in the year to see if they would like to continue to keep their tree registered, if they’d like to receive some harvested fruit before donation, scheduling a time to harvest when the fruit is ripe, and thanking them for their donation to feed food insecure Seattleites. 


City Fruit promotes the cultivation of urban fruit in order to nourish people, build community and protect the climate. We help tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving fruit, promote the sharing of extra fruit, and work to protect urban fruit trees. Our programs include harvesting unwanted fruit from private properties, stewarding and harvesting public orchards, training orchard stewards, and delivering the thousands of pounds of gleaned fruit to organizations who can distribute it to people who need it most: food banks, senior centers, homeless shelters, low-income housing programs, lunch programs, daycares and more.


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