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Volunteer Outreach

Tips for volunteer outreach.

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Marketing Your Program

Tips for marketing your program to potential volunteers.

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Donor Relations

How to reach out to growers, maintain good relationships, and thank them for their donations.

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Produce Recovery

Coordinating a New Market Recovery

Tips for coordinating a new market recovery.

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Fruit Tree Gleans

Tips for coordinating a fruit tree glean.

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Gleaning Row Crops

How to carry out a row crop glean.

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Project Harvest is a first year gleaning program at Volunteers of America Western Washington, providing local produce to the Snohomish County Food Bank Coalition. Volunteers of America Western Washington is the home of the Snohomish County Distribution Center, a centralized warehouse which distributes food to the 20 partners of the Snohomish County Food Bank Coalition before it is given to families and individuals in need.

In the first year of program development, Project Harvest worked in collaboration with RFH, VOAWW, and the Snohomish County Food Bank Coalition to develop new relationships with local farms and create volunteer gleaning opportunities. The first year of the program was focused on spreading awareness of the program’s mission, building partnerships, developing gleaning best practices, and hosting gleaning events to supply Snohomish County food banks with more farm fresh produce. Within the first year of the program many volunteers jumped on the opportunity to harvest produce on local commercial farms, the local Port of Everett Farmers market, and backyard fruit trees!